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We Are SoKi

 - the delightfully acrobatic combination of Solomon Riversage from New Zealand and Kira Rabenstein from Germany.

We create circus that combines high level acrobatics with a playful humanity and honest expression.

We teach people how to hit their acrobatic goals - effectively, safely and while enjoying every moment.

We share authentic human experiences, and inspire human connection through the joy of acrobatics and artistry.



Solomon has always been a strangely wonderful combination of geek and acrobat. When he discovered circus at sixteen, he realised it was the perfect outlet for these peculiarities. Not only could he tumble and move to his heart's content, he could also revel in studying the intricacies of technique and form.

Solomon's particular creative passion is human emotionality. He seeks to create acrobatic language which can be understood through the lens of human experience and feeling. 


His geeky side translates to a healthy obsession with understanding the theory behind acrobatic and theatrical technique - you should see his flow charts. Because of this, as well as an enthusiastic creator and performer, Solomon is a dedicated and effective teacher. 


Kira started sports acrobatics at the tender age of six in her small hometown in Germany. She immediately loved it and pursued it with vigor, training at every opportunity throughout her childhood and teenage years. Eventually she realised she did not want to only compete, but also to share the joy acrobatics brought her. So she transitioned to the world of circus. 

Kira delights in finding happiness and wonder in life and bringing that bubbly joy to those around her. Her endless supply of infectious enthusiasm is the perfect tool to do so, and she tends to leave a trail of grins wherever she goes. 

On stage, Kira believes in authenticity. She brings her real self to the each performance. Often this means her typical playful, happy demeanor. However, she also enjoys to mix this quality with other diverse attitudes or ideas, to present something both authentic and complex.