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Which Way To Face

Connecting with another person is an adventure. You find joy, frustration, laughter, discord, love, and much more besides. Perhaps most amazingly, you will often have many of these at once. ‘Which Way To Face’ explores this fundamental human experience through the unique relationship of a partner acrobatic duo. We embrace the full spectrum of our relationship to find the connection we need for our acrobatic movement, and for our personal fulfillment.


Live music was composed and is performed by Natalie Miles.

Pre recorded music is possible.

Yes You, No Me

'Yes You, No Me' combines hand balancing, partner acrobatics and physical theatre to explore one of the fundamental activities for humanity: play. Canes and blocks become playthings for acrobats, and like young children everywhere, they explore the infinite possibilities of play these props offer beyond their simple intentions. This performance refocuses circus on what so many love about the form - joy, imagination and wonder.

And Now What?

'And Now What?' is a cheeky exploration into the unexpected. Whimsical temperament, teasing trickery, and delightful diversions all lead to a playfully unpredictable performance. In fact, SoKi surprise each other almost as often as they surprise their audience. By the end you really will be asking 'And Now What?' 

Original music 'Blup' produced by Solomon