Online Lessons

Access to good coaching means efficient, safe, feel good training, and hitting goals. Training without a coach all too often means slow progress, and frustration. Online lessons makes professional high level coaching available to anyone.

An online lesson goes as follows:

1. We check in to discuss your goals and needs, and how we can meet them. 

2. You send us videos of you attempting or working on a trick. 

3. We send you a detailed feedback video, detailing your pathway forward to nailing that trick. This can include simple technical corrections, suggestions for prerequisites, targeted drills and exercises, or anything else you might need. You will also get written notes accompanying the video. 

Advantages of Online Lessons

Detail: With the power of video, we can slow anything down and examine it in the finest detail. Frame by frame analysis ensures nothing is missed.

Clarity: How often have you seen attempted explanations by means of flailing arms, emphatic voices and complex hand gestures? With video analysis, you can see and understand exactly what is being discussed. Added lines and arrows, slow motion playback and side by side comparison all allow an extra level of clarity in video explanations. 

Permanence: What was that one thing the coach said, the one that really helped? Hope you took notes! With online lessons you have an everlasting video which you can check whenever you need. Plus, you get your notes written for you. 



1 video: 30€

3 videos: 75€ -15€ discount

6 videos: 130€ -50€ discount


1 video: $50

3 videos: $125 -$25 discount

6 videos: $225 -$75 discount

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